Researchers develop device that can generate power through solar and cool down buildings

The power of the sun is so strong that it continues to open possibilities in terms of electricity generation.

In fact, Stanford researchers have developed a device that can not only act as a solar panel on a rooftop to generate power, but it can also be used cool buildings down.

The dual-purpose device largely has the same components traditionally found on a solar panel on the top, but underneath is where the innovation begins. The materials are built to push heat off of the roof through “radiative cooling.” This is the process of shedding heat via infrared light. This process, in theory, releases the heat and saves energy by reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to keep a building’s interior cool.

Speaking of innovation in solar, a solar-powered plane recently flew for a record 25 consecutive days, which was an aviation record!

The possibilities with solar seem endless and researchers are just beginning to scratch the surface. In the meantime, solar energy continues to offer businesses and homeowners alike opportunities to save on their electricity bill, add value to their property and reduce their environmental footprint.

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