Solar and storage mandate proposed for new commercial and residential buildings in California

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has approved the 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for new and refurbished structures, which will help the state meet its public health, climate and sustainable energy goals. As a result, new California buildings must be fitted with solar and energy storage, according to the guidelines.

This vote follows California’s historic decision in 2019 to require solar panels in almost all new homes built in the state. In addition, the 2022 regulation requires new California homes to be energy storage ready.

The new standards would take effect on Jan. 1, 2023, provided the California Building Standards Commission upholds the CEC vote in December.

This proposal would improve existing California legislation that mandates solar electricity to be installed in new single-family houses and multifamily structures up to three stories tall.

The commission stated that the project’s construction expenses would be modest because it is more cost-efficient to add solar and storage at the time of building rather than retrofitting.

Houses and buildings consume more than half of California’s electricity and produce a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions. The commission estimates that the reduced emissions would be equivalent to removing 2.2 million automobiles from the road over the next 30 years.

Aztec Solar and Sigora Solar applaud the decision.


Solar energy

The sun provides more than simply light during the day; each photon of sunlight that reaches Earth includes energy that powers our globe. Different energy sources rely on solar energy, including our weather systems. Enough solar radiation that reaches the planet’s surface every hour could theoretically provide our global energy demands for nearly a year.

Solar and solar battery storage has several advantages, including decreased power bills. There are a few additional conveniences and benefits to be had. Some individuals just enjoy the concept of being more environmentally conscious and self-sufficient in terms of energy. They value the fact that their energy requirements are less reliant on the grid.

The opportunity to install solar panels is a selling factor, and the additional cost to property purchasers will be offset by decreased energy costs.

California’s already burgeoning solar sector is likely to benefit from the new mandate. The state constructs 80,000 new residences every year on average, 15,000 of which have solar panels installed. The new mandate may result in a 44% increase in yearly solar installations at the present home construction rate.

The California Energy Commission and the Department of Energy are pursuing solar power programs to help the country meet 80% of its energy demands with renewables, ensuring the environment’s preservation for future generations.

Join the solar revolution today. If you wish to help the environment and save on your Sacramento area energy bill by going solar, contact us today.

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