Stats about solar to consider in 2020

Aztec Solar is a solar energy solutions provider for all Northern California and beyond.

Our products and services are helping home and business owners meet their energy needs and save them money.

The products we sell represent the best of solar technology today. And we deliver it with knowledgeable staff and award-winning customer service.

We believe in solar and for more than four decades we have been sharing the promise of clean and reliable energy with thousands and thousands of customers across the Sacramento region.

Here are some reasons to consider bringing solar technologies and cutting-edge solar applications into your home or business.

Golden state of solar

California remains ahead of the pack by being the leader of solar power generation.

The state has solar installs with the capacity of over 26,000 megawatts, which is about five times greater than the runner-up state.

Solar continues to provide economic boom

The U.S. solar industry employs nearly 250,000 people, generating tens of billions of dollars.

Near the end of last year, the number of solar PV systems deployed reached over two million, accounting for 71,300 megawatts of solar capacity.

In 2018, solar generated about 1.5 percent of the nation’s electricity.

Solar jobs are predicted to be the fast-growing job through 2028.

The power of storage

Pairing solar electricity systems with storage is demonstrating its importance in the market, especially as more Californians face the potential of unexpected power outages and surging utility prices.

The market is responding favorably to systems that combine the power of solar power generation and storage.

Solar power is at its greatest when more can be generated – but not every home or business owner has the room for multiple panel installations. Instead, consumers can maximize the excess energy they are already creating and store it for future use when solar electricity production is at its lowest or during a blackout event. This occurs through solar battery storage.

Global powerhouse

To close out 2019, the United States ranked second in solar PV deployment.

Global growth is expected to exceed 100 gigawatts a year and more than triple by 2050.

The future of solar continues to shine brightly and you too can bask in the glory of clean and reliable energy.

Aztec Solar is committed to meeting your needs of residential, commercial, industrial and government use. Our in-house solar water heating, solar pool heating and solar electric and other exciting applications are sold as turn-key solutions, and each one is part of a bigger goal that will lead to a brighter and stronger planet for all to enjoy.

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