Financing solar energy installation for your home

Purchasing a solar energy system for your home can be seen as a huge purchase. However, unlike buying a car or renovating your home, it can actually give you money back, which is why it may make sense to finance the installation of a solar energy system.

There are solar panel financing options available that make solar energy systems more affordable for homeowners, especially if you add in special discounts. Aztec Solar is now offering a Canadian Solar 295W – 3.54 kW DC System and a SE 3000H inverter $8,888*, while supplies last (and they won’t last long!).

In addition, you can now finance a solar energy system for your home and get low payments, with interest rates as low as 1.99 percent. A solar panel loan will allow you to have an asset that generates significant savings month after month. Plus, you will also be able to take advantage of a 30 percent federal investment tax credit and other applicable rebates and incentives.

Solar panel loans are much like other home improvement loans used to add on a room in your house or install new flooring. Except, unlike other remodels, with a solar loan, you can start saving money on your electricity bills right away.

There are many loan options available for solar customers and some loans offer zero-money-down incentives to allow you to finance the total amount of your solar panel system. You can choose either a secured or unsecured loan, and depending on your credit rating, a wide array of interest rates and loan terms are available.

Aztec Solar can help you find and evaluate your solar loan options. Learn more about Aztec Solar’s plans and services and start saving with solar today!

*Cash Discount after incentives, while supplies last. Conditions apply. (Not valid with any other offer)


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